Team Building

It is a typical reaction to a routine work environment for a staff member to become relaxed and fruitless, our unrivaled teamwork activity is particularly developed to undo that cycle of inefficiency. Moreover, this interesting and new adventure is bound to produce a tight knit work environment. In contrast to various other conventional endeavors indicated to promote team efficacy that are stagnate and lifeless, our program renders it achievable for team members to proactively prepare, execute, and complete a triumphant Hot Air Balloon Flight and touchdown, thus engaging them in every way.


In order to develop relationships, members will need to work very closely which is why we split them into smaller teams of a couple to four people after our personal preflight meeting. Our extensively trained pilots will instruct the team collectively on weather conditions, location and how to operate the balloon. Teams may then be asked to use a map to estimate a touchdown spot based upon the criteria provided to them before.

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Each specific team is accompanied by a pilot to assist with the general control of the hot air balloon. He will assist the team in performing the numerous tasks necessary to inflate the balloon and any supplementary safety checks just before takeoff. Your anticipation is shortly addressed given the genuine inflation of the balloon usually takes 15 minutes or even less. Now we release the balloon!


Many variables influence the operation of the balloon in addition to the elevation we fly at. The captain ensures the entire group is up-to-date on specifically what factors into the operation of the balloon. Based upon their navigation skills with the map and the relevant information provided throughout preflight, the team should also be able to tell the captain how elevated to fly and where to go in order to reach their location for landing.


Their flight will conclude with a successful landing on their pre-selected landing spot to finalize their team building, one hour hot air balloon trip. Team members will aid the pilot in packing the balloon. Each pilot is different, but generally a pilot will celebrate the adventure with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. During this moment each team member will have the opportunity to discuss amongst themselves their journey with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

An advantageous strategy to build interdependence and trust can be labeled as a Team Building activity. We believe the process of planning for and partaking in a hot air balloon flight that culminates in a triumphant touchdown is an outstanding chance for employees to implement all the fundamentals meant to be reinforced during team building. The experience of soaring thousands of feet above a stunning landscape is destined to be a bonding experience, despite Team Building endeavors.

Our Team Building packages can possibly be completely individualized to suit your team, contact us at 1-888-994-9275 to strengthen your business right away!

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